Is Health & Wellness Coaching Right for You?  

Do you…

  • Wish to establish goals or direction for your Third Act?

  • Want to enhance your work with your holistic doctor on lifestyle change for better outcomes?

  • Need support for going through a major change, transition, loss or life cycle?

  • Desire to make your well-being a high priority?

  • Consider wellness to include living well and dying well?

Rhyena, your Health Coach, will provide you with:

  • Deep listening and client-centered experience

  • A reflective, confidential and safe space

  • Tools and accountability for implementation of lifestyle changes

  • Support for dealing with challenges and transitions

  • Motivation and guidance

  • Resources, information and guidance

Rhyena's mission is to be a loving and bold agent for change for her clients, holding the space for self exploration and new directions.