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Welcome to the Resources page where I post articles and share my favorite sites and podcasts related to the focus of my practice.


Death Positive and Conscious Dying Resources:

When Patients Choose to End Their Lives

The evolution of and purpose for medically assisted dying in the US

Boom Time for Death Planning

A NY Times article by Jennifer Miller on the growth of creative businesses focusing on end of life planning


It’s My Right: The Handmade Death

A film by Herta Sturmann about her mother’s conscious death


When Breath Becomes Air

A presentation by Lucy Kalanithi, MD, for the Mission Hospice Author Services

Hiring an End Of Life Doula

An NPR report on how people are increasingly turning to doulas to facilitate end of life

Why Thinking About Death Helps You Have A Better Life

A short article about the Bhutanese culture of embracing and preparing for death 


Dying Consciously

Interesting information defining conscious dying

Death Cafe

A safe place to talk about death


Death Over Dinner

A place to initiate conversations about death with your family or community


Stanford Letter Project

Considering your life review and legacy 


Advance Planning websites to help you determine your wishes if you are unable to speak for yourself:

Five Wishes

Compassionate Choices

My end of life decisions and advance planning guide & toolkit

Advance Care Planning


Comprehensive end-of-life planning resources

Go Wish online card game helps you identify and communicate your wished


Information about Palliative and Hospice Care:

National Hospice Foundation

NIH – Palliative Care Materials

Start the Conversation

Personal Stories

Hospice Action Network  



Alternatives to a Traditional Burial or Cremation:


Alternative burials and lotsa good articles

Bay Area Consumers Funeral Association

Extensive list of links for death and funeral related services

Green Death Tech  

Overview of technology-enhanced burial options now and in the future

Green Burial Council

Become a Tree


Water cremation

Senior Man Working from Home


Discover your passion and re-invent your life:

Next Avenue

Where grown-ups keep growing

Senior Co-Housing

Living in a green, vital and engaged community


Could Your 60s & 70s be the best decades of life?

An article in The Guardian

Home Security for Seniors

Explores home security options for seniors

Senior Guidance

Resources and articles on senior living, aging, caregiving and more

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