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Stones of Meaning

Rhyena is an outstanding coach and I highly recommend working with her.  She is smart and insightful and focused on all the right things for me. I felt listened to, understood, gently pushed to take the next achievable step in my journey and supported whether I did so or not. My only complaint is that I donโ€™t have 24/7 connection to her warmth and wisdom!


           Kathy, Palo Alto

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Coaching with Rhyena was an invaluable experience to me. I arrived anxious and overwhelmed and she helped me walk the path toward experiencing more ease and peace in my life. I'm grateful for her kindness, compassion, time and commitment to helping me reach a place that I couldn't on my own. She's amazing!


          Maria, Oregon

 Rhyena listened and always heard my intentions, which were to age more slowly. She then identified steps small enough for me to overcome so that I could achieve goals I always wanted to achieve but never could. She was also very supportive as she encouraged me to take time to acknowledge my success. Because she directed me on a path I could maintain, I was successful, which further empowered me in ways that I had not imagined. I became more aware of my strength and affected others around me.


       CD, Arizona





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Rhyena is very personable and has excellent soft skills which are essential for a health coach. She is knowledgeable, insightful and empathetic to one's suffering from the vast variety of symptoms associated with multiple chronic autoimmune disorders. Also, Rhyena had a very good understanding of my professional commitment and was flexible in  rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances


         Kimberly, FL

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I love my coach, Rhyena. She was very helpful & compassionate.  She got me going on some things that I just kept putting off, and helped me to look at the smaller goals, instead of just the big picture. I felt much better just being able to talk things over with her. Awesome coach!  She is able to get you going in the right direction. I loved the e-mails she sent me with more tools that could benefit me. I was very impressed, and thankful for all she did for me.


       Yana, Illinois


When Rhy and I first met, she asked me what she would see from me in this coaching relationship. "Resistanceโ€™ was my immediate answer. It wasnโ€™t inaccurate!  I am so glad to have stuck with this coaching, and that Rhy also hung in there with me.  I am navigating Relapsing Polychondritis, for which there is little information as itโ€™s a very rare illness. Rhyโ€™s support got me motivated to dig in and learn more about support, finding an appropriate doctor, and moving forward, aiming towards health!                                                                         

             Maureen, Southern CA                        


Rhyena helped me let go of limiting stories I was telling myself. I  'owned' aspects of my life as they actually are. This was really freeing! I also opened up about my finances, quit procrastinating & worked out a system to manage money. It was time well spent. All of this made a huge difference and freed up more mental &emotional energy. I value Rhyena's ability to shine light on trouble spots and let the illumination work its magic.


      CM, Victoria Canada


I liked the way Rhy listened and heard me. I felt there was plenty of room to talk about a subject that has been a sore point for a long time. I became quite anxious having to think about the subject. I learned that I had in-grown ideas about it and felt some self-pity. Rhyena really helped me look at my issues. She's an excellent listener and offered good support and direction. I feel more proactive now about making a change.

           RA, Prescott AZ 

Thank you for your support and guidance!  It is so helpful and you are a wonderful coach! To be unconditionally heard is a profound element to healing.  Thank you providing that component!


                    TW, Idaho

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Youโ€™ve made me feel very good about myself and I now see myself and my nonlinear ways differently. Every time I find a random list of mine lying around with most of the items already completed, I think of you!  You are an amazing coach. So very perceptive. Thank you!!


                           Irene, NY 

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