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Third Act Design

Working on a Pottery Wheel

How do you want to spend the rest of your one precious life? Beyond your bucket list, what are your real passions and how can you spend your life pursuing them?

You may be planning your retirement, perhaps finding yourself newly single, with an "empty nest," or embarking on another transition in your life. With increased longevity we have many options for our third act.  A wondrous chance at reinvention - to live an adventurous, purposeful, and mindful life in our fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond. 

​I am passionate about this phase of life, where we are stronger and more gentle, calmer and wiser, and can use our lifetime of knowledge and experiences to reach for new goals in the framework of our most cherished values.

In the last five years of my professional career in arts administration, I begin designing the Third Act of my life. It started as a seed of an idea and developed into an exciting plan. It continued to germinate and ripen as my career wound down, filling me with a sense of anticipation for the rich future awaiting me. I am now living that dream of becoming a life transition coach. Having that plan in place made all the difference when I retired. I have been amazed by how well-conceived and easy to implement my Third Act Plan has been.

You too, probably have a seed of an idea  – together we can make your precious Third Act intentional! 

Your Third Act could manifest as any kind of change in circumstance such as:

  • A new healthier self after lifestyle and nutritional change


  • Developing a mindfulness practice and spiritual growth


  • Leaving the workforce or entering retirement


  • Embarking on a new job or career 


  • Moving to a new town or state


  • ​Becoming single or part of a couple

  • Volunteering

  • Building community connections


  • Pursuing treasured hobbies such as gardening, joining a book club or choir


  • Adjusting to your home life after child-rearing and retirement


  • Becoming a grandparent


  • Healing from old trauma and self-defeating behaviors


  • Managing major health changes after an illness, accident or surgery


  • Becoming a caretaker for a loved one or planning for end of life


  • Dealing with concerns around aging​​

Designing your Third Act is a creative process of inquiry and exploration conducted in a supportive, collaborative space.  It’s a deep dive into your desires, values and options. You will create a map of your vision and goals, and a step-by-step plan for implementation.  When the time comes for you to embark on that Third Act you will be well prepared to realize it fully.  Your new life is waiting for you!

For more Third Act Design resources, please go to the Resources Page.

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