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Rhyena Halpern supports you in creating self-directed ease and purpose through life's transitions in:  

  • End of Life Planning

  • Third Act Design (Age 55+)

  • Holistic Health & Wellness 


Rhyena is a professional End of Life Doula and a certified Functional Medicine Coach. 

Coaching with Rhyena


My coaching is based on the belief that as you reflect, you create and thrive.

In addition to my study and training, I bring deep compassion to my work gained from personal experience in each of the areas of my practice. 

My coaching work includes:

  • Create an empowering end of life plan based on your desires and values rather than your fears, in an environment that supports you, your caretakers and your loved ones. You can attain a level of peacefulness through our work.

  • Design and implement your "Third Act" in life- after the busy years of work and family- based on your true desires and dreams. Enter this new phase of your life reinvigorated, with clarity, passion and a well-developed plan.                                    

  • Optimize your health and wellness through a process of insight and discovery. Tap into your own resilience and map out your road to healing.​

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Certified by NBCHWC and FMCA

Professional End-of-Life Doula

Doula Cert for Rhy.png

Coaching is open to all. It is private, confidential and convenient, available by phone or video chat.

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Contact Me


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Single sessions and customized packages are available to meet your needs.

Coaching is open to all.  It is private, confidential and  convenient, available by phone or video chat.

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